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Wheaton, IL, United States

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Erik Armstrong
Posted almost 4 years ago
Can fictional superheroes provide positive role models in children’s lives?
I think that fictional superheroes can and do serve as positive role models for youngsters. One of the most critical aspects of that dynamic is the lack of feedback that kids receive from these models. Illustrating what the exceptional man or woman would do, it shows what we are capable of doing in the face of overwhelming odds or in cases where hopelessness and despair would normally be dominant. Unfortunately, these examples do not come with tuteledge and discussion through the idealized character. There is no "meeting of the minds." How this actually is translated into the young persons self perception is unknown to me. i have always found inspiration In the D.C. Character, The Batman. He had no super powers other than what he trained his mind to accomplsh. The mastery of ones fear being the most elped me in pronounced of those examples that character gave me, it truly has helped me in my life when faced with obstacles i feared i could not overcome.