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Celina, TN, United States

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Education can be overwhelming for the uneducated. My idea is essentially removing the word overwhelming, education can be for the uneducated. Using the internet, a free platform for building intelligence could easily be created. This platform would provide the very basics to the highest level of education in all areas of knowledge.

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Life, people, emotions, ideas and humanity.

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People don't know I'm good at

making new ideas and relating to others.

My TED story

I'm not very educated, nor do I have any outstanding talents. I continuously think I'm going to change the world or begin something that will. Yet day after day I end each without results. I don't have a lot of resources and I'm not resourceful. I haven't improved myself but very little. Even then the only improvements made have been psychological. I wish to learn as much as possible. To do this I've realized I must be open minded. Becoming open minded has led me into the craving for knowledge which fuels the craving even further. This is how my quest for knowledge began.

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Joshua Westmoreland
Posted almost 3 years ago
What is the single most important question that the youth of this era need to ask themselves?
I believe there are many questions one needs to ask themselves, no matter their age. How can we overcome anger? Why should we create a better future when conventional science says we won't see its glory? What can I do to help humanity? Where are my talents best placed? When will I die? Who on this planet could possibly create such an important question? I believe the answers can be found everywhere. Look to yourself and everyone else for not only the answers you wish to have but for the questions that inspire the quest for knowledge. Oddly enough the question that keeps coming to mind to ask my younger self is-"Why didn't you try better?" P.S. The answer to this question could very well be the question in question.