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Ivo Stružinský
Posted over 2 years ago
In your opinion with regard to decision making, what do you give preference to, the heart or mind?
I usually decide by my heart, or so to say "my gut" but don't proceed with the decision if it contradicts my mind. I think that this way, I can be sure my decisions are rational, yet I can fully identify with them on emotional level. I think that being to much "fan" of either mind or heart decision making would lead to completely irrational decisions, in case of heart domination. Or decisions supremely rational but not really "my", in case of mind domination. Hope I helped (:
Ivo Stružinský
Posted about 3 years ago
Can fictional superheroes provide positive role models in children’s lives?
Well depends on what is "positive role model" of course. But generally I say yes. In my experience, kids can create very tight attachment to fictional super-hero rather than real person (in matter of seeing it as model for some extraordinary traits like superb generosity etc, not in emotional way). On the other hand, they can refuse apparently artificial super hero and they recognize it with little or no effort. By "artificial" I mean obviously too good, with no "dark side". When constantly presented with these "too good" heroes, they can build disgust against usual traits these characters posses (which are usually positive). So yes, I think fictional superheroes can provide positive role-models, but we must not try to somehow filter these characters to "ultimate good guys". Children must be aware that sometimes, people do bad things or hard decisions with no "good-guy" options, even superheroes.