Jesse Stallknecht

Sacramento, CA, United States

About Jesse


I was born in Arizona in 1980, moved to California with my mom and step dad so they could go to school at Berkeley, after high school i joined the us army, served 4 years, 2 in germany, 1 in Iraq in 03-04, and 1 in Colorado. My job was 11B. I was honorably discharged in 2004, went to school, now i am back in school again for another degree in sustanable agriculture and environmental horticulture.

An idea worth spreading

I believe that we as a human species have been created by mother nature to help her protect, nurture, and spread life throughout space. So our purpose, why we exist is to help through diversity and working together to bring life outside the greatest boundary, space. We have been given the magic ability of our brains to be able to understand nature and help her through this understanding in a way that has never existed. We are natures created creation to help her help herself. This is why we as a species exist! The driving force behind life, the force that pushes, motivates life to live is my spirituality, is my god.

I'm passionate about

Life, Nature, love, peace, respect

Talk to me about

Anything, ask me anything, please.

People don't know I'm good at

many things

My TED story

still have to live it, yet the videos and talks i have seen have helped me better understand and to show support for something that i have known for many years and was strongly present while i was in war.

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