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Born in Austria, grown in Italy and traveled around Europe for almost 25 years. By auto-stop or train or airplane I visited many places in Central Europe and settled myself in Vienna. The main energy that drove my life was the search of a place where people do really care one for another but I did not find it really. I grow without a father and with a weak mother in a chaotic Family environment where most of the components did not really know where to belong, Our modern society is still too much selfish and therefore I continued to dream about a way to be really free and independent from a religion or political or society and working community and found out that only with a good idea that you can implement and gain money this is possible.


English, German, Italian

An idea worth spreading

ThanAge: the story of an awesome community of free and independent people.

I'm passionate about

Writing, but I am not a proof writer even I am working from 1978 to today on a idea for a Book, which embrace Theatre, Movie and Idealism. I have already finished a draft written in Italian language.

Talk to me about

ThanAge: the story of an awesome community of free and independent people who contribute to produce arts of many kind. The main fields are Books, Movie, Theatre, Architecture, IT Technology.

People don't know I'm good at

Imagination. Since this activity have been walking with me all my life and take me save from wrong paths.

My TED story

I am not yet ready for publish a true story but hopefully I will when my script for ThanAge will be ready because I am sure it will be a success.

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Wolf Zirbs
Posted over 2 years ago
Paul Romer: Why the world needs charter cities
I am no English native so it may be that I did not fully understand fully the Idea presented by Paul Romer. But one I can say: it's a great Idea. Surely after reading some comments I can understand the scepticism touch. The question is that the most people who might have the power and economical and political influence to take in consideration an idea like this are not suited to understand and engage themselves for developing it further. Before the Agenda of most Nations and Corporate Entities is still full of profit motivated ideals we "the common People" should take advantage of modern media communication and start to build projects where people can join with affordable economical participation to build movements that may lead to empower people like Paul Romer and weaken all those that continue to misuse Nation and Corporate resources just for profit.