Kristina Stoney

Founder & Educator & Adventurer , ismotion
Sydney, Australia

About Kristina


Fifteen years experience developing educative projects in Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, Guatemala and India. Project focus in on the essential skills of empathy, digital literacy, creative and critical thinking that enable students to imagine and create a better world.



An idea worth spreading

Youth/student insight is the voice missing at the crossroads of collaborative innovation and sustainability. Newest idea (among many) is to provide a bridge between schools and industry to foster new ideas while engaging more meaningful, fun and relevant learning. First 90sec draft:

I'm passionate about

Influencing positive change, telling devient stories, speaking for the voiceless, protecting the planet, and adventure.

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Bicycles, youth leadership, solution focus, education, adventure.

My TED story

I'm a TED addict. Talks have inspired, motivated, comforted, informed, challenged and influenced me and my work.

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