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Self employed consultant
Melbourne & Victoria, Australia

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Chemistry, research and development, Biology, Health & Nutrition, Accounting & Business Finance, IT - Hardware Support & Troubleshooting, Education & Training,

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What if Graphenes can also be lubricants? ...and such a lubricant has been in use for the last 40 years... but nobody realised it? No patent... but not amenable to conventional analysis and has defeated every attempt to reverse engineer it?

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Michael Czajka
Posted almost 4 years ago
If I Want to become a Scientist what should I do ?
Study science at school: Maths, chemistry, physics and biology. That's the first step. Options later are pretty wide and you don't have to worry about them yet. Start reading in your area of interest. If you can read enough you will work out where you should be before you need to apply. It helps if you can also work out what you have an aptitude for... as sometimes what we want and what we're good at are not the same thing. However despite that just because you're not good at something shouldn't deter you from doing it if you're passionate enough.