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Shigekazu Kasai
Posted almost 4 years ago
What each of us could/should do to the world get better in terms of environment...
Ultimately, it's the matter of whether each of us acquires "environment-friendly decision making" or not. If the development of infrastructures or our lifestyle shift toward sustainable manner, carbon footprint can be drastically reduced. For instance, government should promote public-transportation-oriented township development or invest more on greentech. Also there are many things through which we ordinary people can contribute to sustainability. We can share things which each of us use only several times a year (or in a lifetime, perhaps). We can choose greener products or greener transits in our daily lives. What we need to realize these actions is the recognition that all of our decision lead to make some difference. Good decisions bring about good results, bad decisions bring about bad results. So we need some platforms to share and diffuse good ideas and actions that make our society better place.