Jonas Tholstrup Christensen

Aarhus, Denmark

About Jonas


Pursuing my Masters degree in International Business at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences (Expected 2013). I am a person who can picture myself living and working almost anywhere in the world - With a special interest in China, where I studied at Renmin University in Beijing and fell in love with the country and people there. I aim for an international career and am not afraid of a fresh challenge to adjust to new, unfamiliar circumstances. I have used TED as a great inspiration for me during my studies, as well as in my personal life, so I try to give back by helping to spread the word.


Danish, German, Norwegian

Areas of Expertise

International & Global Market Expansion/Business Development/Mar, Market Analysis, Business strategy, Green brands

I'm passionate about

Obtaining international experience and impressions, international business conduct, new ideas, sustainable development and thinking.

My TED story

Learned about TED from former CEO of Oticon, Lars Kolind, and immediately fell in love with the site. I have since used TED as inspiration, learning and entertainment in many different situations, and, aside from being an active translater, I actively promote the site to friends and acquaintances.

Favorite talks