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Daniel Carline
Posted about 3 years ago
Space 2050: Are we prepared for meeting 'Alien' life?
I have seen some interesting points raised in the comments section. However Tom Hodges-Sellers conclusion stood out to me; any ET capable of space travel and lucky or able to find us would not immediately tamper with us, we are too irresponsible with our own technology currently, let alone future tech from another civilisation . Suppose Tambra Tice's Comment was true (UFO's with ET's in or controlling them, enter our earth's atmosphere to observe/monitor). They'd have the technology to view any and all media on earth (jumping through our primitive firewalls and dodahs easily and undetectable) , Im sure they could probably go to ted.com and watch a video, without ever stepping into our atmosphere and without anyone knowing consisously observing us and deciding that we're not ready, close... but not just yet. Theres a few problems. They would be able to foresee that proof of ET life would inadvertently cause a lot of religious aspects of people's lives upside down with varrying consequences. Who do the ET's contact first? which country? even after thousands of years we still live divided by language, currency and borders. We are divided here on earth, until we are unified we all splinters and not ready to be judged in plantery terms. The additional aspect of earth inevitably wanting that bump start into space would potentially be another hazard, seeing as we still have issues toward over populating our own planet. Not to mention all the technological advances i'm sure if they'd conquered well before long distance space travel, that we'd quickly reverse engineer such as the potential for expanding one's life largely. Can moores law be extended to life expectancy? (with certain medical breakthrough's; Cloning, growing new organs etc) Assuming that these technologys would become available, at this time we would be the bunny rabbit of the universe or virus.... Not to mention the potential for blowing ourselves up with the technology they'd have. they'd pass right by