Amy Culver

Co-Founder - Director, Busara Project
Key West, FL, United States

About Amy


Facilitated Training Programs for consideration:
2005- Present Africa
- Tajeha, Tanzania (Tz), Women’s Group: The Importance of Women’s Empowerment.
- Moshi, Tanzania (Tz), Chamber of Commerce: Empowering Indigenous Tourism.
- Moshi Disabled group: Working Together to Create Group Strength.
- Maasai women’s group: Creating Revenues While Maintaining Indigenous Traditions.
- Maasai men’s workshop: Empowering Women to Strengthen Tribal Policies.
- Lagos, Nigeria: Chevron Group: The Importance of Cultural and Tribal Etiquette.
- Lagos, Nigeria: Chamber of Commerce: Celebrating Tribes.
- Lake Eyasi, Tz., Facilitator for Cultural Preservation: Working with Datoga and Hadzabe tribes on methods of creating alliances while maintaining cultural authenticity.
- Lake Eyasi and Lake Natron, Tz., Mediator: Worked with Datoga and Maasai to empower chief-to-chief communications for tribal disturbances.

Relevant Experience:
Busara Project Key West, FL
-Co-Founder of the Busara Project a 501c3 non-profit dedicated 2010-Present
to the cultural preservation of tribes that are disappearing.
-Designed, developed and implemented a program to share cultural experiences
through social media.
-Lived with Maasai, Datoga and Hadzabe (busmen) to document their oral history.
-Developed SMART Technology for grades 3-7.
-Created and trained a working Board of Directors.

Consultant W-Hospitality Group Lagos, Nigeria
-Hospitality consultant with a focus on feasibility studies. Contract 2008
-Collected current demographics and projections for domestic and foreign investors.
-Designed projects, implemented business plans, trained owners and staff.
-Develop, branded and franchise restaurants.
-Train Nigerian Staff.

Business Developer and Information Research Director Key West, FL
Mote Marine Lab Contract 2007
-Created a national branding campaign for a marine biodiversity lab that emphasizes
science-based conservation and sustainability.
-Developed an accelerated marketing plan for the new lab in Key West.
-Expanded Fundraising and Public Relations
-Worked with Mote Marines eco-fish farm specializing in American Sturgeon caviar
development and distribution.
-Revamped Business and Marketing Plans, and Employee Training

Key West Havana, Inc. dba Mangoes Restaurant & Catering Key West, FL
Co-Owner / Vice President for National Marketing & Development 1991 – 2006
-Developed a 350-seat fine-dining restaurant, catering company and nightclub.
-Responsible for annual sales of 3 million.
-Developed all marketing, hired/fired staffing of 100 multicultural employees, public
relations and menu development.
-Created a world-class training program now used by over 15 businesses.
-Annual budget, payroll, inventories, contract negotiations and community relations.

Selected Awards:
Athena Award, an international award for professional excellence, community service and leadership skills, 2000
Zonta Humanitarian of the Year Award, 2001
Key West Business Guild, Humanitarian of the Year Award, 2000
Key West Restaurant and Bar Association, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2003
Florida Keys Women in Business Award, 2003
National Restaurant Association, Neighbor Award
The James Beard Foundation, 2000

Selected Accomplishments:
AIDS Help, Inc., Board of Directors, 1998-2000, Honorary Board of Directors, Lifetime
Florida Keys Tourist Development Council, Board Member, Advertising Chairperson, 2000-2004
Key West Chamber of Commerce, Board Member, 1st Vice Chair, and Governmental Affairs Committee Chair 1999-2004
Key West Restaurant and Bar Association, Co-Founder, President, Board Member 1999 – 2002
Pineapple Program, Co-Founder, A training program developed to educate local residence on the importance of hospitality to the overall economy. 1999-presen

Areas of Expertise

Explorer , Business strategy, Hospitality & Tourism, Humanitarian Actions , Business Consultancy, Cultural Preservationist

Comments & conversations

Amy Culver
Posted about 3 years ago
What is your greatest passion and how have you been able to develop and sustain it?
My passion has been to learn from other cultures from adapting to their way of life and share their knowledge. For the last 6 years I have traveled to Tanzania, at first it was a volunteer vacation teaching Women in Business. I am not sure who learned more- me or them. I am a Business Consultant by trade with an emphasis on tourism. After my first experience I realized that the knowledge I have could help maintain an income for some of these tribes with a MAJOR emphasis on cultural preservation. (Not everyone is so intrigued with empowering their culture.) Currently, I have started the Busara Project which is focused on oral histories of eradicating tribes. Mind you I am not an anthropologist or sociologist by trade but I was able to friend disappearing tribes that really don't trust anyone. Once I realized that they trusted me, I wanted to tell the story on real time, by real people about real tribes. Be able to see them and hear them as they truly are, not some photo shoot or two day interview. We just came back from 6 weeks in the bush living with the Maasai, Hadzabe (bushmen) and Datoga tribe. We are now a 501c3! (little dance as I type this!) Passion is an underestimated condition!