theresia guschlbauer

Founder/Director, The Common thread Caf
Clonmel, Ireland

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arts participation, Arts and Culture, community activism

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how to increase community cohesion and participation through the arts, and a café culture

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theresia guschlbauer
Posted over 3 years ago
Creativity in Action
Karina, I think creativity as the only end seems a bit narrow; it needs to be combined with a context... making things, objects, etc for the common good... for wellbeing, for a better society, for binding communities together; becaue one thing education (and society) is also missing a lot is connection, opportunities for people to BE! Be themselves, be with others, be comfortable or not, explore new areas, experiment with risk... and creativity- and the Arts are important in that aspect.... giving people a place to nurture their SOULS!!!! do that make sense?
theresia guschlbauer
Posted almost 4 years ago
What is your greatest passion and how have you been able to develop and sustain it?
I think you can be self- interested and help others at the same time; especially if you happen to like people and like to see things change around you... I think self interest is good because then you are guided by what you really care about as opposed to good intentions... of course approval probably comes into it too... but show me the person who doesn't need somebody's approval!