Michael Lee

manager, Jetson Woodcraft
Fountain Valley, CA, United States

About Michael


I graduated UCI with a degree in economics and a minor in biology. I also took an additional 6 quarters worth of classes in a variety of subjects that I thought were interesting and useful to learn more about, such as fictional writing, psychology, etc. I am currently reading and studying management on my own, and practicing it at work. I'm basically a learner and a problem solver. I travel frequently to various locations around the world to learn more about different people and societies. So far, I've only been to about 20 countries, hoping to improve that in the near future.


Chinese, English, Japanese

Areas of Expertise

Economics, Biology, psychology, Management

An idea worth spreading

There needs to be an international organization that has the power to govern the world, especially when international problems are on the rise, and national governments are having a difficult time cooperating to deal with the problems, as well as, preventing the free rider effect. This cannot go on, especially when global warming and economic crisis is simply too hard to deal with without cooperation. Another idea is that democratic countries like the US, needs to have the ability to make fast decisions in an emergency situation, without the congress and the house's approval. The two party system breaks down when the national interest is no longer the number one priority, instead, election has become the number one priority. This causes a lot of problems like the inability to raise taxes during our budget crisis. This idea can be used for the international organization as well, it would be my definition of combining China's government with the US government.

I'm passionate about

Problem solving, learning, advancing the world, stopping poverty, and getting to know people and their lives.



Talk to me about

Anything related to whatever is on my profile, but please be polite and open minded. I have a shirt that says: Those who think they know everything annoy those of us who do.

People don't know I'm good at

Nothing, I don't think I am especially good at anything, especially compared to the bright speakers of TED. If there is anything I'm good at, it is problem solving. I think too much.

My TED story

I wanted to start a website to share about the details of the international government in my mind and how it can happen. I wanted it to be open sourced, so that people can give me inputs and see the flaws of my thinking. I also wanted to use it to spread my idea throughout the world, and then I thought... why not just invest my time with TED?