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Coffs Harbour, Australia

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2011 - Seeing the sights of the United Kingdom and Europe and will be heading home to my motherland, Australia for Christmas.

I have recently graduated from Griffith University, Australia with a Masters in Medical Research (Biomedical Science) and a Bachelor of Health Science (Human Genetics).

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Travel. Health. Neuroscience. Art. Music.

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Samantha Wilson
Posted almost 4 years ago
do you think psychology should be one of the main subjects that should be taken before graduating from high school?
I think psychology is an incredibly interesting field of study, however I personally believe it would be more beneficial to involve high school kids in team sports or something of the like, rather than a psychology course. Instead of sitting down to learn about how you should make these decisions or solve a problem - you really need to be actively involved in developing these skills. In this instance, I agree with Frans, It’s about interaction and reflection...