About Burton


I am a technology consultant, project manager, photographer, counselor, coach, and father.

I support people in achieving their goals, often through enabling technology in life and business.

My home base is in Encinitas, CA.



Areas of Expertise

Software - Applications, Project Managament, Process Improvement, Life Coach and mentor, Meditation, Mental Health and Addictions, Personal Development & Achievement

An idea worth spreading

Simple, reasonable concepts for healthy development can ensure that individuals have optimal health, become individually responsible, and have enough of a foundation to be able to provide for others. In this way, we can develop a strong and wholesome community, leading towards a healthy global humanity.

I'm passionate about

Helping people find clarity for themselves.


Ashford University

Comments & conversations

Burton Lo
Posted over 3 years ago
Jane Fonda: Life's third act
Dear TED Talks, I hope you won't mind, but I took the liberty of transcribing Ms. Fonda's talk. Feel free to use it as you like. http://wp.me/p1LWSs-cg I find that she discusses much of what I've been studying and practicing for myself and others. My story includes much of the reflection and reframing of perspectives, and I wholeheartedly support the ideas that she talks about. On that note, I believe that the process of reflection that she discusses can occur at any time, but it often takes a powerful experience for a person to become willing to be that open for honest and nonjudgmental introspection. Just one example of that occurs when addicts "reach bottom", and the steps of recovery provide a process for that growth. I'm encouraged that people will begin taking advantage, with wisdom, of the additional years added to our lifespans. There is so much we can accomplish, and so much intelligence and wisdom available, with the minds and experiences of older people. I'm excited at what this adjustment of social attitudes will bring! Huzzah!
Burton Lo
Posted almost 4 years ago
Education.TED.com - TED-ED, how should we improve it?
Stepping away from familiar compulsories, let's absolutely ensure that people have essential information for healthy, functional development. There are too many global issues based on fears and insecurities that get profoundly distorted and corrected far too late in people's lives. I believe that healthy development of heart, mind, and spirit, can help first each individual, then whatever community those individuals participate in. It concerns me that we are willing to teach, test, and reinforce concepts like reading, writing, and 'rithmetic, but are overly casual about values and principles.
Burton Lo
Posted almost 4 years ago
Is our destiny to be one world with one language?
I don't think a _complete_ common language is necessary, but I do think we need to find a way to discuss common values. While having a singular language would make that easier, if we come up with vibrant ways to discuss values, then we'll inevitably find a way to extend that shared understanding. In order to do that, we need commitment towards mutual respect and objectivity. Without that, corroboration is very difficult.