Benjamin Pope

Cincinnati, OH, United States

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My name is Ben Pope. I am a Teacher/ Environmental Educator from Cincinnati, Ohio. My goal is to educate as many children and adults on the importance of sustainability.

Areas of Expertise

Special Educaiton, learning disabilities, ADHD

I'm passionate about

The Environment, and fairness and equality for all.

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Benjamin Pope
Posted almost 4 years ago
Should couples be banned from adopting children overseas?
I have pondered this question the last ten years. While adoption can take on many forms, there are certain happenings that concern me. While many foster kids in America eventually find nice families and homes, many do not. And I hope that those families going abroad to adopt a child to bring home to the states are not ill intentioned with their decision to pass up an American child who needs a loving home. One study that surveyed 10 couples that adopted Chinese Children, (8 girls 2 boys) stated that the number one reason for no adopting domestically was that the American child would have baggage that the couple did not want to deal with. Sad.