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Dublin, Ireland

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I am an undergraduate at Dublin City University, I am in my second year, and I am studying pharmaceutical and chemical Sciences course (AC2-Applied Chemistry). I am an active committee member of DCU rock climbing club and Class Rep for AC2 I also enjoy seeing how technology is developing to help people with learning disabilities, as a mild dyslexic I didn't have much computer aid in school but worked along side my friend as an alpha tester for his ANKI style flash card learning system, which he developed to aid people with leaning disabilities.


English, German

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An idea worth spreading

An ANKI style flash card learning system, really helps anyone to lean and study, from people with extreme leaning disabilities, to people who achieve high grades because of the amount of study and time they put in. After testing such a system, I believe governments and educational bodes should help fund and develop theses systems so every student, at any level of education can take advantage of this easy leaning system.

I'm passionate about

Chemical sciences, specifically organic chemistry and environment issues , research in this area and using resources we have more efficiently , I also enjoy studying Physics and astrology


Dublin City University

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chemical sciences, specifically organic chemistry and environment issues (may need help in as i am only starting to learn about theses things in University) and technology, speclising in computers

People don't know I'm good at

I am a semi-Pro photographer and have been for the last few years, i strive to learn new techniques in both the shooting of the photographs and the editing after them.

My TED story

My brother TED Fellow Damien Palin , introduced me to TED in late 2011, i strive to find out more in chemical sciences and especially organic chemistry, as this is now my specialised area of study

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Conor Palin-Stewart
Posted almost 4 years ago
Dose having a learning disability have an effect on you?
well from my perspective what you believe is correct, i find that i just have to take extra care when doing anything with language, but things like learning to play the guitar, because of my dyslexia i believe i actually learnt it quicker, and its really nice to hear you say that these students including myself are not any less capable, i find with myself i have learnt to compensate and it has actually helped me to a point that many people don't know i have dyslexia unless i tell them
Conor Palin-Stewart
Posted almost 4 years ago
I want a career in science, but I am being pushed away by everybody I reach out to.
i know tis might be a little off topic but head onto youtube and look up, "sixty symbols" and " the periodic table of videos" both host short informative videos from the university of nottingham england, i found this a really nice way to add to the science i studied in second level, I am now in my first year in college studying science and next year i might be transferring to pharmacy, but as in the other comments there are so many different disciplines of science, really you just need to find what your interested in, read into it and you might find you have a passion for leaning about that specific topic, I found having a read of some case studies and papers on different things really helped, also look up Professor Brian Cox, University on Manchester, He has good TED talks, and a few tv documentaries, one bing Wonders Of The Universe, made in collaboration with The BBC. so i really recommend checking him out as he could well inspire you and kick start your way on to becoming a scientist Conor Palin-Stewart Dublin City University Student