sriharsha bharadwaj

Senior Business Development Executive, Atum IT
Hyderabad, India

About sriharsha


I am a person with huge appetite for development and success.Would like to set my own timely targets and achieve them with out compromising in quality of work.I like to describe my self as a dedicated person to work,because I personally feel that,in whichever firm that am working with,is responsible for my bread and butter,So I try my best to contribute 100% out of me .And I am the person believes in self respect


English, Hindi, Telugu

Areas of Expertise

flirting,mingling with others,internet networking,

An idea worth spreading

ahh actually got many ideas till i had seen this site,from now i'll be making a habbit of putting them on paper when ever i got an idea of worth spreadinGG

I'm passionate about

flirting with girls,food,reading novels,trekking,photography,drinking,,and so many

Talk to me about

anything,i had the great ability of answering

People don't know I'm good at

analyzing,problem solving,

My TED story

can be seen later on

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sriharsha bharadwaj
Posted about 1 year ago
Aparna Rao: High-tech art (with a sense of humor)
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss/Mrs aparna rao, 1st thing I noticed is the way you speak, I mean the rate of speech you maintained is almost like rajadhani express going like jhapjhapjhapjhapjhapjhap widout any brakes, the most I liked is tilting man with full of thoughts in the head, and cam which gives out put of invisibility,awesome work bravo to u and your team,cheers,wish u must have very long way to go and get succeeded at every point
sriharsha bharadwaj
Posted about 1 year ago
How can we talk to kids?
Try to think yourself as a kid, try to hunt down all the memories and situations that you had been through when you were a kid,the way you did act for some particular situations, the way you talk, the way you use to think,the way you choose to make friends, think about the things you thought are mistakes and shouldn't have done at the time you were a kid. Its actually a simple theory, if you have to deal with a mentally disturbed person,you have to act like one, you are not supposed to be normal, so with the kids, act like a kid when you are with a kid, do not make them stay at kindergartens and baby care centers, Rather hand them over to their grand parents where they can have the opportunity to know and explore more from their experience, which would be really help full for kids, at their kindergarten level have them involve in different activities with a right and planned schedule and make yourself involve with them and observe where they are being so keen at, plan their schedule in versatile manner, but not a same planned schedule every day,do not teach them morality , rather make them understand with skits and stories, do not ask them what they want to do when they grow up, rather explain every thing about what are the different fields and how life can be with some particular field, do not give them any choices, just put entire information off course in the way-- the kids language that could be understandable to kids, and let THEM choose, let THEM dream about what they wanted to be when they grow up, for that you create resources accordingly, encourage accordingly and plan accordingly May your kids have wonderful future and come up with flying colors----------- SRI HARSHA BHARADWAJ