Rosa Cantarero

Madrid, Spain

About Rosa


Spanish student, who has finished highschool and is going to enter in the business world (looking forward to studying Business Administration + Law). I'm interested in learning languages; I study English by myself, I learnt a little French, I know Latin and soon I'll start studying German. I actually appreciate reading about scientific issues, although I study Humanities; likewise I appreciate reading spiritual essays although I'm not religious, but philosophical. I cannot stand sappy/sentimental romantic books/films, but I love those which make me cry in a particular moment. I'm addicted to difficult philosophical questions and wracking my brain with them, but I hate any other kind of difficult questions. And I admire TEDspeakers because they are able to show amazing facts of our life and those who can show with words ideas that are also in my mind but I cannot sort out.


English, Spanish

I'm passionate about

Reading interesting and jaw-dropping articles, and books than can move me. I'm a keen photographer who loves imagining that her eyes and winks are also like her camera.

Talk to me about

Any interesting issue, that could be useful for us. Never say useless, fruitless or vain words because they will not enrich us.

My TED story

The first talk I came across the net was one of TED's about Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke and the insights she gained watching her brain functions shut down after the other and then her return to normality. I've always been looking for interesting and inspiring essays, books, videos, podcast and anything that could move me and at the same time enlighten me. I found that here, with every single jaw-dropping speech about things I couldn't imagine, and with every moving speech which would always touch my heart. That's why I appreciate TED, and why I dream to attend one of his talks one day.

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Comments & conversations

Rosa Cantarero
Posted about 3 years ago
John Francis: Walk the earth ... my 17-year vow of silence
He really makes difference... He made a difference in every single day of his life, when he decided to give up riding in motorized vehicles for the environment's sake, when he give up talking just to listen what people had to say and learn with their ideas. And he's just made a difference within me. Thanks for this talk.
Rosa Cantarero
Posted about 3 years ago
Is our destiny to be one world with one language?
It seems to me that we are heading towards a common language, and I'd really love to live to see it. Languages are part of our self and our culture, but needless to say, they also separate us from other cultures. I've read a lot of your feedbacks and I've noticed that some people worry about loosing their roots if we had a common language. Contrarily, a common language would allow us to embrace other cultures, other values and other people because we would be able to understand them. A common language doesn't mean abolishing our native and familiar language. Being bilingual; means being able to express ourselves and being understood by everyone. It means sharing our ideas, our values, even our culture in our own words, without needing translators, and making ambiguities impossible.