Anna Carlsson

Advisor - preparedness against accute pollution, Trondelag Fire and Rescue Service
Trondheim, Norway

About Anna


English, Norwegian, Swedish

Areas of Expertise

Tourism Development, Quality and process improvement, Environmental Psychology/Human Factors, Behavior Change

An idea worth spreading

If people are given the message to solve the "big" problems (eg. climate change), and this is done while he/she is picking up the kids, planning dinner, considering what to do with the not-so-interesting work situation - well, it is too overwhelming and therefore pushed away. Therefore, small changes. Do one more thing. One thing more in the life an individual is living. It can be small or huge, but for that particular person, it is just one more thing. Nothing overwhelming about it. And we have the advantage of numbers nowadays. If billions of people do one more thing, it will show...

I'm passionate about

everything that involves sustainability and environmentally friendly behaviour - and knitting.

Talk to me about

Environment, climate, sustainable living, development (personal and societal). Actually, I find most things interesting if a person talks about them because of a passion. I might not always agree.

People don't know I'm good at

Making a fire.

My TED story

TED was my inspirational source while studying.