Rhitik Bhatt

Student, St. Paul's School, Banswara
Banswara, India

About Rhitik


I am a student. I am very much into sciences (except biology). I am currently preparing for my board exams.


English, Hindi

Areas of Expertise

Education , Math and Computers

An idea worth spreading

I believe that reading inspirational quotes is not enough we need to apply it to our life.

I'm passionate about

I love Apple and its co-founder Steve Jobs. The person whom I admire is Arvind Kejriwal.

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Mat, Science, Education, TEDTalks, TEDx, Computers, India, USA

People don't know I'm good at

maths, science, driving, cricket, music, writing

Comments & conversations

Rhitik Bhatt
Posted 7 months ago
Will science ever tell us everything there is to know?
I don't think so we can unravel all the questions. Well we can answer most of them but some questions are so hard to answer like "Do god exist?", "Is there a limit to the universe?" so on related to astronomical science which can't be answered. Many scientists guess the answers but no physical interpretation of the answer is given which can't lock down the answer. I think so the Universe don't want to let it's heir know the answers to some of the questions and the moment we get the answer about how this world works the universe will stop itself. Leaving a huge silence!
Rhitik Bhatt
Posted over 1 year ago
Who is responsible for Sarabjit's death?
It's very very late. Keeping a person who was not at all linked to bomb blast, for around 22 years. And not giving him protection! When Indians caught Kasab (26/11 Mumbai attack) he was kept in a cell with level z security, There was no evidence against Sarabjit. Yeah, it is late but the question is that who is responsible for that innocent death? Why China and Pakistan trying to seize India? I think this thing will get worse with time like the relation between North Korea and South Korea.
Rhitik Bhatt
Posted over 1 year ago
Uniting Korea
The main problem is Kim! He is not a good leader to be honest. America is the most powerful country in the world and they are competing with such a superpower, I would advise Kim to meet South Korea's president and Obama. That is the only way to make peace. The army men should not take the side of Kim. The best way is to establish a good governing system in the country.