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Austin Korn
Posted almost 4 years ago
How does anything exist?
Thanks for all of your input everyone! I guess where I'm trying to go with all of this is to try to find some sort of way to open the public's eyes to the fact of our existence. I feel that if we all open up to this phenomenon, we can all get over the little stresses in life that bring us down, quit fighting over pointless arguments and disagreements over beliefs which cannot be explained, and realize that we are all on this earth for some unknown reason and should work together to further the human experience. Personally, reminding myself that "I am a part of this world for reasons I cannot understand" helps me put aside problems and negative aspects in life, and helps me put my focus to more positive things life has to offer instead. Fighting over beliefs which cannot be proven only hinders our world's development and may even end up terminating it if we aren't careful.