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ESL instructor - Translator - Childhood Educator, Kids & Company
Toronto, Canada

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Using online resources is one of my tools in teaching ESL students. While I was reviewing the videos in English Central website to choose the best for my students, I watched the videos on TEDs. I was impressed by the subjects and themes and decided to visit TED website. I am proud of being a translator in this popular website and I hope to serve my fellow Persian-speaking people by providing authentic translation. Since I started translating for TED in 2011, I have come across great people and inspiring talks. Although I am tight finding free time, I spare any minutes translating for TED.

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Farnaz Saghafi
Posted about 3 years ago
Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work
My dear fellow translator, Since this new Amara has launched, I’ve had a lot of problems translating in that website. I list down the ones I have faced so : - Punctuations such as comma and period moves to the end of the sentence - Using quotation marks makes your sentences awkward and mix the words up - While you are typing, the cursor moves before the letter instead of after it, so that it puts the last comma or period to the beginning - Fonts and the section for typing the translation are small and can’t be changed - It doesn’t move right to left as we need for Farsi - The WORST is that when you want to add or delete a word somewhere in your existing sentence, which is impossible - Previously we were able to watch the video we had in hand for translation during the process, so that we could revise some sentence for better timing, now we can’t You will see terrible sentence format in your previous translations, too, although the format is correct in TED. If you have the same problems, or even more, If you have the same problems, or even more, PLEASE send an email to Ted and Amara.