stephane legendre

Urciers, France

About stephane


I am a 45 year old teacher of French (school and online) living in the center of France, very much into meditation, nature, spiritual growth.
I am also a profeessional coach helping people to get rid of negative emotions.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Emotions , Teaching Languages

An idea worth spreading

In a middle of a serious intense conversation, say something funny and laugh with the other(s), you then break the tension and new powerful energy emerges for further talks in an even friendlier way.

I'm passionate about

Consciousness, languages, environmental improvements



Talk to me about

Releasing body (especially face) tension.

People don't know I'm good at

writing stories (fairy tales...)

Comments & conversations

stephane legendre
Posted almost 4 years ago
Sharing positive energy!
Yesterday, as I was going out of a supermarket, there was that short lady struggling with a big trolley 120% full of food and things, I could barely see her behind and when she got inside the automatic circular way out (not sure if this is the correct name), she got kind of stuck and it made me smile as I could see that she was afraid of not being able to get out or maybe of feeling stupid or of being judged. Then she looked at me behind and as I was smiling at her (not laughing at her as I felt sorry for her as I couldn't help her as I was behind in the next cabin), she smiled back and she managed to get out. Was it the smile that helped her? I thought so;