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Technical Support Analyst - 2nd Level, Wells Fargo Bank
Charlotte, NC, United States

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Richard Fortuna
Posted over 1 year ago
What do you like or dislike about Elon Musk's Ted Talk?
He is innovative in the way that Steve Jobs was innovative. He knows what he likes, and he knows how to get the right collection of people together to make his grand vision possible. It does take, as Anderson said, a unique collaboration of system-level ingenuity, design-level thinking, and a willingness to take extreme risks that makes someone like Jobs or Musk a success. Although both Jobs and Musk had/have a veritable ARMY at their backs, they themselves were/are the "secret sauce" that make the whole thing work. I would like to see him give credit to some of his people, though, but I feel there is a TOUCH of megalomania there, hidden behind the down-to-earth facade. ;)