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Vice President, M Road Information System
Seoul, South Korea

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Hans Yoo
Posted almost 4 years ago
What do you think happens to your soul when your body dies?
This topic I'm interested always. My suggestion (or idea) is, you never die, as you are not your body or soul, or whatever you can name. This idea can be absurd, but this is what I learn from my lab. I mean, usually I think my dream is my lab of 'dream physics'. In your dream you create time (I remember a week long dream), space(I remember I fly high above the ocean), people and things, then you think all are real and acceptable(Sometimes I 'die' in my dream knowing I never die. Sometimes I wake up from a dream and sleep again, then my dream continues as if past & present lives.). In the morning you wake up(do not open your eyes for a while and try remember your dream) and remember your lifetime(dream) for a while, then open your eyes, you forget your past life(dream).... after matching (dream, life) to (life, afterlife) I got several hints, especially for questions like you. Religion, life and death, past life, space and time, etc... One last comment is, you do not go hell cause you had a bad dream. I'm working on configuring super beings like Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc.. i.e., religion in my 'lab'.