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Tampa, FL, United States

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Pat Cindrich
Posted almost 3 years ago
Why is it taking people triple the effort to laugh these days?
I believe it's difficult to quantify what number of people are laughing or are not. Could it be that your question arises from a pattern you witness continually as you progress through life's varying stages? Going from the observation postulated by Leila that babies and children laugh freely and more often, but also express a whole spectrum of emotions freely and with varying degrees of restraint, but much more typical than the average adult. Then, these same 'babies and children' grow older and become adults just as you and I and every human being that has been blessed (or cursed, some might argue...deities and beliefs in many faiths seem to find favor in the child) to reach these stages do and suddenly it seems we realize something has changed in ourselves and begin to perceive this change in the world around us, if we choose to take this step. At this moment of social awareness attuned with our self reflection we can see a world very different than that of our childhood perceptions. We have the unfortunate experience of socialization, in it's many structures, pressures, demands and perversions, shaping the way we behave and conduct ourselves (think about that for a moment, to actively and consciously 'conduct one's self') in view of others and society at large. And, if left unaccounted for or 'realized' this process can subtly, insidiously crawl into our personal lives and seem to take root in our basic character. To almost touch our true being. We know nothing else as 'babies and children' but to be, without a great deal of awareness to act otherwise, but the outer world beckons and expects and entices and, even, takes and deprives and all the while we watch how this shapes our inner truth, you, me, that reflecting being. So, now i ask you, will you choose to still smile? Will you make this choice everyday?