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László Szantor
Posted almost 3 years ago
How have we changed so far because of TED??
Hi Juliette,,,,nice to meet with you again, returning to this splendid forum we are getting to know each other. I always favoured discussion groups for the rich and varied feedback. An important life lesson was artfully demonstrated on Stefon Harris' : There are no mistakes on the bandstand. Applying the same principle to my life I must conclude that a false note is not to be a cause for discouragement. It is a part of the performance and I can't stop but have to improvise and change dissonance into harmony. No matter what, the show must go on. In fact, mistakes are warning blinkers telling me to go another way. Hopefully I can incorporate them into a pleasant, enjoyable life -music.
László Szantor
Posted about 3 years ago
In ten words or less, what is a question no one (yet) knows the answer to?
Hi Nicholas.....Regarding your personal question.......most likely annihilation of the self as we know it, surviving in another sense or form, like when we were just a seed with no remembrance of it. Logic trumps faith here...... in the final run it will not matter, for I will not be who I was before. Some claim to remember former lives; I was not granted this privilege through my questions-filled journey thus far. I will have to wait and see.