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Mumbai, India

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Started as a medical representative in 1980. Worked in different parts of India. Exposure to institutional sales and diabetes therapy area. Joined in Marketing handling oral & insulin brands. Moved over to Cardiology therapy area as Marketing Manager. Won OPPI award for marketing excellence.

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Each one teach one!

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Education and teaching. In a developing country like India, in addition to political freedom, the havenots of the country have only one weapon to rise up the socialladder- Education.

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Empowering the underprivileged

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Parthasarathy Ponguri
Posted about 2 years ago
Do all individuals bear some form of insecurity?
Fear of the unknown makes us insecure.Through Knowledge & wisdom we can overcome insecurities. A religious person overcomes insecurity by reposing faith in GOD. It is "AGNANA" or lack of wisdom that breeds insecurity. Desire in a way also breeds insecurity. Human beings as long as thay are under the influence of "MAYA" or illusion will experience the feeling of insecurity.
Parthasarathy Ponguri
Posted over 2 years ago
What is your favourite quote and why?
Give a man a fish, he eats it. Teach a man fishing he makes a living out of it. Today's educational system (at least in India) is churning out thousands of professionals who do not have life skills to survive in the big bad world.