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I am a 48 year old man happily divorced. I have been a carpenter for over three decades and have recently shifted my career and goals toward Real Estate Investing.I am also on a personal quest to help all people in the USA become homeowners one way or the other, if you can find it in yourself to help me make this real please contact me and i will tell you about my plans one community at a time.

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Contact me to help me make families successful homeowners we can do this together!

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Making each and every family a homeowner one family at a time

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Helping families become their best self!

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Carpentry, passionate for helping disadvantaged families become successful!

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Jeff Sampson
Posted almost 4 years ago
Genuine Smile, Fake Smile but what about one associated with Pain?
I am somewhat qualified to get involved in this conversation and here's why. Twenty years ago i was in a horrendous accident at work. I fell off the roof off of a three story house we were building. Needless to say that thirty foot fall caused and left massive injuries from a broken neck and back to multiple other injuries.Many times i will smile and laugh because the pain is so intense if i don't laugh/smile and everything in between i will go completely insane from the pain. I have pretty much recovered from the fall but it has left my body racked with pain. I have found that my brain will start this laughing and smiling behavior for a couple of reasons one afterwards it has as doctors explained it releases endorphines in large amounts which is our own bodies morphine and yes it does intend help cut the pain down to bearable okay i don't have to committ suicide pain levels but when it's not enough i must rely on prescribed pain meds. So from my experiences that laughing and smiles truly does give us real relief from whatever is causing the pain whether physical or mental laugh and smile at the worst times in your life give it all you have it helps, i am walking living proof of the relief it really does provide us! Thank GOD for our own built in morphine on demand!!I just three months ago finally had to have back surgery and yeah smiling helps me get over the pain recovery is VERY long and VERY painful the trusty ole laugh and smile works as i use it as my most dependable drug!