Juan Ortiz

Student - Political Science
Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Juan


I am currently a community college student, however I have been involved with programs which allowed me to take courses at the University of California Los Angeles. Currently a Political Science Major with a minor in Urban Education. Most of my time is spent either at a coffee shop which is my preferred location to read, write and study. The rest of my day is often spent at work and in the Gym.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Fitness & Training, spoken word, Mentoring

I'm passionate about

Improving education in Minority communities. I believe that the public school system is failing the youth in the United States.



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Juan Ortiz
Posted about 3 years ago
Should the U.S. continue to employ Affirmative Action, or should private schools be allowed to discriminate?
I do not know if people have mentioned this, but in order to have a clear stance on the issue one must first look at the foundation that causes these problems. Often students of color come from under-served communities, for example the Los Angeles Unified school district has had massive budget cuts which have done a great deal of damage to the quality of education students receive, therefore they go on ill-prepared for college. These under-served communities have families which live in poverty stricken communities, therefore the students must go on and get jobs during their high school years which drastically affects their performance in high school. How can a student build up a competitive profile for college when this student is often trying to find a way to help his family earn money for rent or other expenses? The struggling student has to be given some kind of break, because that person was not born into a middle class or elite class family that did not need help paying bills, therefore granting him all the time in the world to focus on his studies and create a competitive profile. The reason I focus on students of color is because the majority of these students live in under-served communities.