Katie Rogala

Livonia, MI, United States

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Katie Rogala
Posted over 3 years ago
If you could make a wish on behalf of The City 2.0, what would it be?
Electronic infrastructure for organizations, cities, people to come together to share the good things that are happening, or even to share resources. So many people and organizations are doing great things (like TED), but there isn't a central hub for things like non-profits to go and share what they are doing and ask questions of other organizations that are similar in other communities across the world. We just need central locations for connecting all of these networks. Or cities to go and learn from others in once place with examples from across the world. or even business being able to connect more directly with non-profits and school to help out or even donate more of what they are currently throwing away . Everyone is always trying to re-invent the wheel, when there is already soo many good things out there, and so much collaborative power waiting to be harnessed and connected!