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Kitale School, Kenya; High School Music/Art, New York City; Solebury School, New Hope,Pennsylvania; Pembroke College, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (BA Biology major); University of City of New York (Masters Science Education); University of Brussels, Belgium ( 'License Speciale' Molecular Biology);

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... holistic education as responsible education for responsible freedom in the sense of self-empowerment and self-determination.

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Marion Hubbard
Posted over 3 years ago
Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0
So-called 'religions' are corrupted. Authentic religious experience is what counts. Guidance for life depends on mature rational conscience which is a function of moral consiousness... depends on education based on respect for human psychological needs (includes moral or 'spiritual needs'). education for development of the personality as a whole i.e. 'holistic education'. www.HolisticEducator.com
Marion Hubbard
Posted almost 4 years ago
Does Holistic Education prepare students for today’s world?
Holistic education is for the complete development of the personality and cultivation of human potential and so 'yes' it is needed in today's competitive world. The problems of today result from lack of moral intelligence resulting from emphasis on destructive competition. Intelligent collaboration is the way to solve our human problems.