About Tatiana


Photographer, environmentalist, concerned with the direction life is taking and decided to make a difference.


English, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Photography, Art - Creativity, Environmentalism, Political Activism

An idea worth spreading

We are all responsible for the planet.

I'm passionate about

photography,environmental protection

Talk to me about

I am a woman in a patriarchal culture, where we are sent home, where we are not and do not bother with these crazy ideas to change the world.

People don't know I'm good at

Bringing together people with potential transformation.

My TED story

When I finished watching my first talk at TED, I was crying. I knew I had found something very important and everyone should have the same experience. When I was selected to participate in the audience TEDxFloripa I could see I was right. The world is changing, and we depend on the direction where it goes.

Favorite talks