Each year, we award the TED Prize to a leader with a bold, innovative vision to spark global change. The TED Prize winner receives $1 million, and the support of TED’s global community, to turn a dream into a reality. The process begins with your suggestions.

Nominations for the TED Prize are now open.

We search year-round for inspiring thinkers and doers with big ideas that could send ripples of change into the world. Do you have that kind of inspiring idea? Or do you know of someone else who does? Use the nomination forms below to tell us more about who you think should win the next TED Prize.

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Who can you nominate?

TED Prize nominees can be activists, scientists, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists — you name it. The ideal nominee is a visionary who thinks big, and a strong leader with the skills to make things happen. You can nominate yourself. You can nominate a colleague, a mentor or a friend. You can nominate someone whose work you admire from afar, even if you’ve never met.

How is the TED Prize winner chosen?

TED Prize nominations are considered year-round on a rolling basis. All nominations are read and researched by our team in detail. About 100 nominees become semi-finalists, and 15 make it to our finalist round.

For finalists, this is not your typical grant-writing process. We work with each finalist and push them to dream bigger. Many finalists — even those who don’t become TED Prize winners — say the process helped them grow and sent them in new directions they could never have imagined.

The TED Prize winner is selected from among the finalists by a panel of leading members of the TED community. The TED Prize team then works closely with the winner to help them create an execution plan for their wish and to present their idea in a compelling TED Talk at our annual conference.

What is the timeline?

The 2016 TED Prize winner has already been selected. She will share her wish in a TED Talk on February 16, 2016, at the annual TED conference in Vancouver, BC.

We are currently accepting nominations for the 2017 TED Prize and want to hear from you. After submitting your nomination, expect to hear from us by September of 2016 on whether your application is still under consideration. But really, there’s no deadline. Promising applications received after the 2017 winner is selected will be considered for the 2018 TED Prize.

TED Prize Timeline

The seasons of the TED Prize nomination calendar:

  • Ongoing: Nominations are open; nominees are considered on a rolling basis
  • Summer: Finalists are selected and asked to formulate their wishes
  • Fall: A TED Prize winner is selected and revealed to the world
  • Winter: The winner’s wish execution planning begins
  • Spring: The TED Prize wish is launched in a talk at the annual TED Conference

Nomination info

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