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Jay Herratti - Executive Director, TEDx

Jay is the fearless leader of the TEDx team. He leads the global strategy, growth and vision of the program.

Ask me about:
  • Anything that is on your mind

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Salome Heusel - Deputy Director, TEDx

Salome oversees the strategy of the TEDx program and the TEDx team. She plans TEDx workshops and activities at TED Conferences.

Ask me about:
  • Special projects and partnerships
  • TEDx initiatives

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Sina Sima - Technical Project Manager, TEDx

Sina is responsible for technology strategy and development initiatives for TEDx. He manages technological roadmaps, priorities and partnerships.

Ask me about:
  • Digital partnerships
  • Technology suggestions

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Aviva Nassimi - TEDx Team Coordinator

Aviva assists Jay and Salome with day-to-day details and processes, and collaborates with the entire TEDx team to reach organization and departmental goals.

Ask me about:
  • The TEDx Team
  • How to support TEDx

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Will Davis - Applications Manager

Will reviews incoming TEDx applications, helps foster regional collaboration and introduces mentors to new organizers. He helps determine whether events are suitable for the TEDx platform.

Ask me about:
  • Whether the TEDx platform is right for your proposal
  • TEDx organizer communities

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Rachel Saunders - Applications Coordinator

Rachel reviews all renewing TEDx applications and guides organizers throughout the renewal process. She educates the TEDx community on how to grow your event and develop TED-like programs.

Ask me about:
  • Curating your event
  • Mentoring another TEDx organizing team

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Katelyn Montanese - Applications Associate

Katelyn reviews all incoming TEDx applications and guides applicants throughout the process, helping to select event names and license types that best fit their event plans. She oversees the TEDx in a Box licensing process.

Ask me about:
  • Connecting with a TEDx mentor
  • Organizing TEDx events in the developing world

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Felicity Fellows - TEDx Global Partnerships Development

Felicity oversees global partnerships for TEDx, ensuring that the entire platform thrives as we continue to scale.

Ask me about:
  • Philanthropy
  • Ideas for global TEDx partners
  • Innovation in fundraising

Contact Felicity at

Michael Ryan - TEDx Partnerships Associate

Michael assists Felicity on global partnerships and is a resource for organizers participating in the TEDx Business program.

Ask me about:
  • Hosting a TEDx Business event
  • General questions on TEDx partnerships

Contact Michael at

Community Engagement and Education

Amanda Ellis - Community Development + Engagement Manager, TEDx

Amanda oversees the execution of strategic TEDx initiatives, produces TEDx workshops and experiences at TED Conferences and manages online community building and learning through the new TEDxHub platform.

Ask me about:
  • TEDx Initiatives + Workshops at TED Conferences
  • Community building through the TEDxHub

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Talks and post-event

Frederica Yosifov - Digital Media Manager

Frederica strategizes around talk discovery and distribution so the ideas coming out of TEDx events can be heard by the larger TED community and beyond.

Ask me about:
  • YouTube, Instagram and anywhere else you watch videos
  • Talk optimization (SEO, fair use, video editing)

Contact Frederica at

Hailey Reissman - TEDx Editorial Coordinator

Hailey tells the stories of the global TEDx community on TEDx social media, the TED Blog, and beyond.

Ask me about:
  • Telling the story of your event on the TEDx Tumblr
  • Sharing your event pictures on Facebook

Contact Hailey at

Carly Alaimo - TEDx Content Coordinator

Carly assists in the curation of the TEDx catalogue and works closely with screening interns to surface new, exciting content.

Ask me about:
  • Curation on the website
  • Instagram

Contact Carly at