TEDx Wiki

In the interest of “files worth sharing,” the TEDx Wiki is a fantastic tool for sharing resources with the TEDx community. Open to all TEDx organizers and their team members, the wiki includes documents created and used by other organizers.

What’s the TEDx Wiki?

On the TEDx Wiki, organizers can view, upload, download and share files related to organizing TEDx events created by other TEDx organizing teams. If you’re looking for a template to use, or an example from another TEDx event, TEDx Wiki is the place you’ll want to be.

Here you’ll find a range of files and documents, like:

  • web design templates
  • sample sponsorship packages
  • best practices
  • marketing materials
  • resources for specific TEDx event types.

… and much more.

The TEDx Wiki also has section with non-English resources, that holds community-created documents in different languages.

How to access the wiki

You can access TEDx Wiki here. If you are the Primary Licensee of a TEDx event, you should have received an invite a week after your license approval.

If you need help uploading a document, or to add team members to the wiki, email TEDxBranding@TED.com.