Online community groups

Two resources that many TEDx organizers find valuable are Facebook and Google groups based on their region or type of event. These groups allow them to engage with other organizers in their community.

Below are a current list of local, regional and subject-based TEDx organizer groups to connect with. Email us at and let us know if you’ve organized your own Facebook or Google group, so we can add it to the list.

TEDx Google Groups

General Google groups 

Regional Google Groups

TEDx Facebook groups 

General Facebook Groups

(TED Official) These groups are for currently licensed TEDx organizers and their team members. If you are a team member please have your primary organizer email and include the email address associated with your Facebook profile.

Regional Facebook Groups

So.. you want to start a TEDx group?

  1. First, review the lists above to see if the group that you want to start already exists. Consider joining one of the TED Official groups to see what a TEDx group is like.
  2. If the group does exist already -- join it! Say hello and make sure to follow the community guidelines set out by the group: no spamming; no self-promotion; keep topics relevant to TEDx.
  3. If the group you want to create doesn't yet exist, you may create a group, but you must abide by the following community guidelines:
  • You are responsible for the activity on this group: It's your duty to answer all questions, keep the group active, and moderate posts. (If the group isn't active for over 3 months, we recommend that you delete it.)
  • Add an "About" section to your group that includes these three things: 1. The spirit and purpose of the group; 2. Guidelines for posting and participation within the group; and 3. A statement explaining that this is not an official TED group, and that TED staff does not monitor the activities of this group.
  • Email us at, so we can add your group to our ongoing community groups list.