Webcast events

While most TEDx event types are multidisciplinary and across a wide range of subjects, we have a few event types that allow for a single topic focus, including subjects like women, education and development. These events also require showing the webcast of official TED events.

These events are a great choice for a first time organizer, because the programming is created by TED itself; all you have to do is gather your community! And you still have the option of inviting speakers too, so you can get the best of both worlds.

The following are webcast events:


TEDxLive is centered around the live webcast of the annual TED Conference. Here, the world becomes TED’s audience.


A TEDxWomen event is a TEDx event on the topic of women and gender which features the webcast of TEDWomen.

Got questions about webcast events? Email us.

Keep in mind: The rules are different for webcast events, so make sure to read them carefully.