A TEDxChange event is held around the live webcast of TEDxChange, an event dedicated to sharing big ideas on health, development, and education with the global community. Here, world-changing ideas are featured, celebrated, and discussed.

About this event type

TEDxChange is a partnership of TED and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, designed to act as a catalyst for global conversations on ideas worth spreading on health, development, and education. Hosting a TEDxChange event gives organizers the opportunity to share these ideas with their local community, and also allow their community to share back.

The TEDxChange license lets organizers screen the official TEDxChange Conference at their event, and gives the option to also feature local speakers and performers.

All TEDx standard rules apply to a TEDxChange license, but with a couple of additions/exceptions:

  • TEDxChange type event are required to show the entire 90-minute program of TEDxChange, not just a portion.
  • Since your event will be held the same day as (or within 24 hours of) the official TEDxChange Conference, your TEDxChange license will expire immediately after your event.

The following also applies to TEDxChange events:

Naming your event

The official name of your event is TEDx(LocationName)Change. If you’re already a TEDx licensee, you should use your existing TEDx license name and add, “Change” to the end.


Your audience should be from the area or community where you’re holding your TEDxChange event. We recommend that organizers carefully curate their audience, and select a diverse group of people who can contribute meaningfully to the conversation.


Like standard TEDx events, TEDxChange events can have up to 100 guests. Only individuals who have attended an official TED conference can organize an event with more than 100 attendees.


Because you’re streaming the official TEDxChange conference, the theme will be whatever that year’s conference holds. That means if you have local speakers, their talks should be relevant to the global conversation that’s happening at TEDxChange.


TEDxChange events are usually held on the same day of the official TEDxChange Conference, but can also be held around the archived video stream within 24 hours of the event. So you might want to be creative about how you screen the conference, based on your time zone. For example, you may want to host an afternoon session following the morning’s official webcast. Since you can also feature local speakers, the length of your event can be up to one day.


If you have live speakers at your TEDxChange event, you may charge a small fee, but only to cover food + drinks, or as insurance against no shows. If you are just showing the TED conference program, the event must be free.

Example events

TEDxGuatavitaChange 2013 took place in a rural school in Colombia, the Colegio Rural Jose Gregorio Salas.
TEDxKampalaChange 2013 was hosted at Fas Fas. Organizer Bruno Tusingwire streamed the live talks and brought in three local speakers to discuss topics ranging from HIV/AIDS to youth development.
TEDxYerevanChange 2013 was held at the InnSerenity Yoga Retreat Center in Armenia. The US Ambassador in Armenia joined the community, who gathered for the live webcast of TEDxChange and listened to four local speakers give TEDx talks on education, media, and the environment.