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All TEDx events must include pre-recorded TED Talks. 25% or more of the content for your event must come from TED.com. Thanks to volunteer translators taking part in TED's Open Translation Project, subtitles in a variety of languages are available for nearly every video in the TED Talks series.

Best practices for playback of TED Talks

  • Don't stream talks from the web: Download, don't stream the talks. You will be at the mercy of bandwidth and connectivity, which can be unreliable at the most inconvenient times. Rather, you should download the video from our website in MP4 format. (Click the button underneath the video player that says “Download.” A pop-up box with options will appear.) The high-res MP4 we offer is better than DVD quality, and suitable for projection onto a large screen.
  • Burn a TED Talk on DVD: Select the TED Talk you would like, and download the high-res MP4 version. Use software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to convert the file to a DVD-friendly format.
  • Build a custom TED Talk DVD with DVD on Demand: With TED DVD on Demand , you can create a dvd that includes up to 6 TED Talks from our archive, each which includes subtitles in up to 32 languages.
  • Try the Miro open-source player: Miro, a free, open-source player, downloads TED Talks and saves them to a playlist for smooth, reliable playback. (Available for PC, Mac or Linux.) Try it »

Using subtitles with TED Talks

TED Talks with English and non-English subtitles can now be downloaded directly from the TED.com talk page.

Here is how to download subtitled TED Talks from TED.com:

  1. Decide which TED Talks you plan to show at your event.
  2. Click the “Download” button that appears below the video player.
  3. A box will pop up titled “Download this talk!” From the dropdown menu on the right side called “Subtitles” (underneath the Video header), select the language you wish to download. (NOTE: Only the languages that appear in the dropdown menu are the ones available for download. There will always be several more languages available when streaming from TED.com.)
  4. Click Download to save the file.

If your desired language is not available as a downloadable TED Talk, you will need to download the subtitle source file (in SRT format) directly from our Amara archive:

  1. Locate the TED Talk you want to download subtitles for.
  2. On the video page, select the language you want from the column on the left side of the page. (Note: only the languages in that column are available.)
  3. In the “Download” dropdown, select SRT.

You can find instructions for manually attaching the SRT file to your downloaded TED Talk on the TED Translators Wiki.

Acknowledging translators at your event

If you plan to play TED Talks with subtitles at your TEDx event, or plan to use our Open Translation Project to spread your talks in other languages, we ask you to acknowledge the volunteer translators who created the subtitles. You can find out who translated a talk by turning on a talk’s subtitles -- the translation credits will appear to the right of the video player.

You are welcome to play the 3-minute TED Translator documentary at your event to inform your audience about TED's Open Translation Project.

Watch the TEDx intro video

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