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And now, a word from our sponsors:

"The TED conference has endorsed two key notions. One: The pursuit of knowledge is of lifelong importance. Two: The power of networks only gets stronger if you include others. Steelcase benefits from being part of this network of great thinkers. Not only as we pursue our own vibrancy, but as we help make the environment of learning better for all attendees."
James P. Hackett, President and CEO, Steelcase Inc.

"TED is a think tank for humanity. It is a gathering of exceptional individuals, all with the ability to make a difference. We come, we listen, we participate, we learn, we apply and we improve. At its core, TED is a community built on innovation and invention, and this is consistent with our principles. We also sponsor TED because it inspires us and helps inform our thinking, both personally and professionally, throughout the year."
Don Levy, then-Senior Vice President, Sony Pictures

"Sponsoring TED is like underwriting the future and those who will have a significant role in leading the way."
Michela O’Connor Abrams, President, Dwell Media

"Target feels that everyone deserves great design. Being part of the TED community and having the opportunity to learn, share and collaborate on such a vast platform of innovation only helps Target in bringing that democratization of design to all our guests."
John D. Remington, then-VP Events Marketing/Communications, Target

"Discover sponsors TED because we cannot imagine a more influential and powerful audience reading the magazine. There may only be a thousand of them at TED at any one time, but their ability to change the world is incalculable."
Steve Petranek, then-Editor in Chief, Discover Magazine

"We initially sponsored TED because we needed funding for Ethos. We found it. We’ve come back as sponsors each year since, because the TED community has become a critical component of the marketing and adoption of our brand in both planned and unexpected ways; return on investment has been remarkable."
Peter Thum and Jonathan Greenblatt, Founders, Ethos Water

"As a startup company launching a new product, TED was instrumental in providing us access to tastemakers and VIPs. The exposure TED provided was unmatched by any other event!!"
Thomas L. Meyer, Director, Industry and Artist Relations, Sonos Inc.