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Akamai is a key partner in TED's mission to share Ideas Worth Spreading.

Streaming video requires tremendous back-end support, and Akamai's rich media and enterprise applications services allow us provide our 400+ videos -- plus live-streamed conference events -- to the world. TED.com streams millions of talks around the globe, and Akamai's technology helps make it happen.

Quite simply, Akamai helps build the backbone of the Internet as we know it today. The following 5 videos expand on the concept of cloud computing and Akamai's core technologies.


Akamai's technology -- at its core, applied mathematics and algorithms -- has transformed the chaos of the Internet into a predictable, scalable, and secure platform for business and entertainment. The Akamai EdgePlatform comprises 40,000 servers deployed in 70 countries that continually monitor the Internet -- traffic, trouble spots and overall conditions. We use that information to intelligently optimize routes and replicate content for faster, more reliable delivery. As Akamai handles 20% of total Internet traffic today, our view of the Internet is the most comprehensive and dynamic collected anywhere.

We monitor that view in our Network Operations Command Center every minute of every day, to make sure that our platform and our customers' online operations are speeding along optimally. Our customers get their own global view through Akamai EdgeControl -- a Web-based customer portal that gives them the insights and tools to provision and manage their online business. And anyone in the world can get a real-time view of key happenings on the Internet through Data Visualizations right here on the Akamai Web site.

To find out more about Akamai's technology, visit the Technology Overview section on Akamai.com