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Press on TED2007:

On the first day, a renowned Swedish professor ended his talk by sticking a steel sword down his throat.

On the second day, a former U.S. president asked for help in building sustainable health care in developing countries.

In between, a famous venture capitalist broke down in tears and a basketball legend discussed art.
-- San Francisco Chronicle, 3/11/07, "Breaking down TED, from a sword to a soiree"

Where the entrepreneurial nature of investors like Doerr and Vinod Khosla meets the celebrity power of Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker or singer Paul Simon. Pepper in heavyweight academics like Nobel prize winner Murray Gell-Mann and a few politicians like the 42nd President of the U.S., Bill Clinton, and you have a promising team for social change.
-- BusinessWeek, 3/12/07: "The talk of TED"

Some 1,200 rich and influential people were encouraged Thursday night to help build medical clinics in Rwanda, identify millions of unnamed species and support efforts to report on a still-secret story.

The challenge was part of the annual TED Prize, the centerpiece of the annual TED conference, named for the confluence of technology, entertainment and design.
-- The New York Times, 3/9/07, "Award Honorees Describe How They Hope to Improve the World"

Over the course of a few days, my inner cynic was beaten to a pulp by a rush of impressive presentations and a bounty of great conversations over meals and in hallway encounters. It isn’t often you get to have a conversation with Jeff Bezos and Daryl Hannah—at the same time. Or finish a chat with a Google engineer and look skyward to see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Or get a shot at helping the likes of Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson to make a giant catalog of all life on earth.
-- Steven Levy, Newsweek, "Dr. TEDlove," 3/16/07

I have attended twelve TEDs since 1992 (including TED events in Toronto and New York) and I can't recall any past TED that included as many standing ovations as the one just concluded Saturday at the Monterey Conference Center, where the events have been held since founded by Richard Saul Wurman in 1984.
-- Jack Myers, Media Village, "TED Conference Attendees: Electrified, Energized and Motivated," 3/12/07

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