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TEDx and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have teamed up for a very special TEDx project – TEDxChange

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Disruption is usually unwelcome. It represents conflict, chaos, and potential danger. We discourage disruptive behavior in our homes and our societies, often favoring passivity and compliance.

But disruption can be a positive – sometimes vital – catalyst for change. It can challenge old assumptions, ignite conversations, activate authorities and expose new possibilities. Disruption can shed a unique light on difficult issues, giving a fresh urgency and perspective to the challenges of our global community.

At TEDxChange 2013, we explored how positive disruption helps solve the most intractable challenges in health and development.

TEDxChange satellite sites

Approximately 200 TEDx organizers in 65 countries hosted events around the livestream of TEDxChange.

See all participating events on the TEDxChange Map.