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Each month, we'll be highlighting 5 great innovations and ideas bubbling up from the TEDx community -- both in a newsletter, and here on the TEDx site. If you have an innovation to share, email tedxstories@ted.com.

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TEDxYouth@SanDiego mixes it up

At TEDxYouth@SanDiego, organizers devised a creative way to make sure youth attendees met one another. Student team members made 75 giant lunch bags, fashioned from recycled materials and big enough to fit 6 individual lunches. During lunch, attendees were asked to create a lunch group that included 1 member each of the 6 name badge lanyard colors. Go to their Flickr, for more images of lunch and the event.

TEDxIntuit goes on a picnic

During TEDxIntuit's (an internal, corporate event), lunch break, attendees were instructed to grab the next 5 people in the lunch line, and take a picnic basket with them to the grass. Picnic baskets included food, drinks and utensils for each group, a checkered blanket and a stack of 2" x 2" cards with conversation starters. Learn more about TEDxIntuit

Vegetables straight from the farm at TEDxKrakow

"About 7 months before the event," says TEDxKrakow organizer Ewa Spohn, "we contacted some local organic farmers who run one of Poland's first farm to home programs and asked them to grow the vegetables for our lunch." They then had chef Trine Hahnemann make lunch for attendees from this bounty. Watch Trine's talk from TEDxKrakow.

TEDxAustin's compostable bentos

Food design and practicality converged during lunch at the most recent TEDxAustin. Created by chef and TEDx speaker Elizabeth Andoh, master of Japanese cooking style washoku, lunch was served in compostable bamboo bento boxes. For the full story, read this blog post from an attendee.

TEDxManhattan goes family-style

At TEDxManhattan, attendees gathered at large communal tables, with a family-style meal. The set-up encouraged diners to sit with strangers and discuss ideas and more. See photos from this year's lunch.