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The Activators Program -- in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -- offers a mentorship exchange between seasoned TEDx organizers and potential TEDx organizers in developing communities.

The TEDx Activators Program is modeled after an initiative launched in Kibera, Kenya, in 2010. Organized by Acumen fellow Suraj Sudhakar, TEDxKibera took place in one of Africa's largest slums. The passion of the organizers and attendees was astonishing.

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we launched an experimental mentorship program: Suraj trained locals in his community to host TEDx events. Since then, several events have been held in slum communities throughout Nairobi -- many of which were organized by Kibera resident Kevin Otieno.

Get Involved

The Activators Program consists of Activator Managers and Activators, each with their own specific responsibilities:

Activator Managers' responsibilities
  • Identify two Activators in your community
  • Train the Activators
  • Oversee the Activators as they each organize four TEDx events throughout the year
  • Need to have hosted two events and completed all post events requirements.
Activators' responsibilities
  • Identify local speakers
  • Familiarize themselves with TEDx talks
  • Reach out to the local NGO community
  • Develop a local TED community
  • Organize four local TEDx events throughout the year
  • Provide TED with feedback on how to improve the program in their region.

Both roles require individuals who are passionate about education, making a difference, and building leadership within their community. Email us at tedx@ted.com if you're interested in bringing the Activators Program to your community.