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General Membership Questions

Q. Which membership level do I best qualify for: one conference, two conferences, school or small business?
A. The best way to determine which membership level you should register for is to refer to the pricing and benefits table, which breaks out the different membership levels and benefits associated with each. Still have questions? Email live@ted.com

Q: I live in a different time zone from the conferences in Vancouver and Rio. How can I tune in?
A. The beauty of the Live membership is that it is world-friendly. You can tune-in from all over the world whenever is most convenient. You can use our active video archive (AVA) that lets you pause and return to the stream later, or to start watching any number of time zones earlier/later in the same exact sequence of how the conference is unfolding. What is even more exciting is Live members have permanent access to the conference archives so they can revisit their favorite talks and sessions whenever they want weeks, months, and even years down the road.

Q. When and in what time zones are TED2014 and TEDGlobal 2014?
A. TED2014 is March 17th – 21st Vancouver, Canada GMT 3 hours later in United States Eastern Daylight Time. TEDGlobal 2014 October 6th – 10th, 2014 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3 hours later than New York, 6 hours later than LA.

Q. Which two conferences do I have access to if I sign up for the two conference membership prior to TED2014?
A. The two conference membership is a yearly membership that includes the next two consecutive conferences after you register. For example, if you sign up prior to TED2014, you have access to TED2014 and TEDGlobal 2014. If you sign up prior to TEDGlobal 2014, you have access to TEDGlobal 2014 and TED2015.

Q. Can I give a TED Live Membership as a gift?
A. Yes. If you would like to give a membership to someone else just send an email to live@ted.com with as much information as possible such as number of memberships, names of recipients, their contact info, etc, and we’ll contact you to complete your gift transaction.

General Rules

Q. What is the difference between TED Live and TEDxLive?
A. TED Live is a year-round membership program managed by TED that provides members with virtual seats to each of the four days of TED, TEDGlobal, or both conferences, along with a host of other member benefits, such as an onsite liaison and access to the conference archive. TEDLive is a TEDx license that allows an organizer to host an event around one day of an official TED conference TED or TEDGlobal. These events are free to the public. Some events include local programming. In order to host a TEDxLive event, you must apply for a license, be approved by the TEDx team, and adhere to the TEDx and TEDxLive rules for executing this event.

Q. I used to get TED Books but now it isn’t included. Why aren’t they a part of the membership anymore?
A. Though our books continue to be available on Kindles, Nooks and iBooks, we recently launched our own book app for the iOS platform (i.e. iPhone, iPad). Due to App Store policies it is not possible to send books to an individual’s app without charging you for them, however, we’ve made the price for the books so inexpensive that you might enjoy giving it them a try regardless!

Q. I’m not on Facebook and don’t plan on getting an account. Is there another way to join the Facebook Group?
A. If you want to watch TED in real time, every talk and everything that happens in between, with backstage access, we feel that has enormous worth, and our members who renew year after year agree. If you want to wait, you can get free access to many of the talks after the fact, one at a time with the wonderful, free TEDTalks. If you have 10 people watching for the one conference membership, or 50 with the university/small business, if you divide the price by the number of viewers, times two conferences, we feel like TEDLive is a great value.

Financial and Distinction Questions

Q. How much of my membership fee is tax deductible?
A. As TED is owned by the Sapling Foundation, a private 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation registered in the State of New York, $450 of the TED Live membership fee for one conference, $700 of the TED Live membership fee for two conferences, and $2,150 of the TED Live membership fee for college and small business may be tax-deductible; Fair Market Value is $300 for two conferences and $150 for one conference. Please check with your tax professional. We issue tax receipts at the end of each year.

Q. My question isn’t answered here.
A. Email live@ted.com, and thanks to those who’ve written already to seed this FAQ!

Q. I’m interested in becoming a member, but I wonder if the Talks will all end up online for free anyway?
A. The TED Live membership gives you access to the live streams of the TED and TED Global conferences and all Talks in their unedited format. Shortly after each conference we begin carefully editing and releasing some on TED.com - but remember not all end up online. The timing and sequence of talks coming online is not predetermined. The online talk archive for Live members however, lets you watch whenever you get a chance and re-live the conference at any time.