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The TED2011 Fellows will join the TED community in Long Beach for a Fellows pre-conference and for TED2011: "The Rediscovery of Wonder." Check back soon to read their complete bios! Learn how to become a TED Fellow too »

Kaustuv De Biswas (India/US) A US- and India-based entrepreneur whose experimental design firm, dplay, is building open-source toolboxes for design

Xavier Vilalta (Spain) A Spanish architect whose firm, XV Studio, uses fractal geometry to innovate in the built environment

Suzanne Lee (UK) A British artist and fashion designer who "grows" clothing with bacteria

Skylar Tibbits (US) An American artist and computational architect working on "smart" components that can assemble themselves

Yale Fox (Canada / US) A New York City-based DJ who studies the mystery of why humans love music

Minou Norouzi (UK / Austria / Iran) An Austrian-Iranian moving-image artist whose work reveals the curiosities of ordinary life

Marcin Jakubowski (US) A Polish-American who is starting a new civilization -- from scratch -- in the Midwestern US

Joshua Roman (US) An American cellist who, before his international solo career, was the principal cellist of the Seattle Symphony at age 22

Nina Tandon (US) An American electrical engineer and research scientist who explores how electrical stimulation encourages tissue growth

Sanjana Hattotuwa (Sri Lanka) A Sri Lankan human-rights activist and founder of Groundviews, a citizen-journalism initiative

James Patten (US) A US-based inventor who is exploring new ways that physical objects can represent and control digital information

Chris Woebken (US / Germany) A German-American interaction designer whose installations create novel relationships between humans and animals

Yara Shaban (Jordan) A Jordanian electrical engineer who's working to engage women in technology education and development in the Middle East

Camille Seaman (US) A Native American photographer whose work captures the harsh beauty of remote Arctic landscapes

Isabel Behncke Izquierdo (Chile / UK / DRC) A Chilean primatologist who studies play behavior among bonobos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Prumsodun Ok (US / Cambodia) A Cambodian-American choreographer and performance artist whose work merges classical Cambodian and modern dance

Sey Min (Korea) A Korean data-visualization designer who works with live data sets to creatively display information

Luke Hutchison (US / New Zealand) A computer scientist and computational biologist from New Zealand who is looking for the structural blueprints of life

Sumit Dagar (India) An Indian interaction designer and filmmaker working on the Braille Phone, a mobile phone for the blind