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Liberty Mutual

At Liberty Mutual, responsibility isn't just a buzzword -- it's been at the core of their mission for more than 90 years. As a company, that means behaving with integrity, treating people with dignity and respect, and aspiring to provide consistently superior products and services for customers at a fair price.

But, acting responsibly isn't always a matter of black and white. That's why they created The Responsibility Project, a online forum for people to think about -- and discuss -- what it means to do the right thing. Through articles and essays by notable writers, films and videos from award-winning directors, and spirited discussion among users from around the globe, The Responsibility Project aims to create positive momentum, one person at a time.

Liberty Mutual partnered with TED to sponsor several TEDTalks that explore issues of personal and social responsibility. Watch, think, discuss -- at ResponsibilityProject.com.